Spicy Roasted Corn

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This recipe happened by accident. Ya see, My little one loves to peel the labels off of cans. Usually, I let her, but I write what is in the can, on the bottom, so when I need it, we do not have to play the guess what’s in the can game. So, I was about to make my spicy chickpeas. I asked my son to get me 4 cans of chickpeas and to please open them. Well he got the cans, opened them, but you guessed it, it was corn, not chickpeas. And that’s how this recipe was created.I always say, some of the greatest recipes happen by accident. Continue reading

Baked Asparagus Fries



Admit it, anything fried is good. Anything that looks fried, but is actually baked is much better!!  I have tasted these both deep fried and baked, and I have to say baking is the way to go. There is no reason to take healthy vegetables and drench them in oil. Dipping them in sauces is always fun too. This is a great dish to serve at a buffet, or when just sitting around with friends.  Continue reading

Cheese Latkes



I know it’s not Chanukah time. It’s  actually almost Purim. While I should be baking up a hamantash storm, I decided to do a little mixing up. Which is very appropriate on Purim, a holiday where it’s ok to go a little nuts, and do things a little backwards. But when you have a craving, you have a craving. And tonight , this is what I wanted!!  And it’s so good and easy.

Continue reading

Panko and Onion Breaded Tilapia

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Being a mother of 5, it’s always challenging to make suppers that the kids will like. I refuse to make fish sticks and chicken nuggets everyday. Therefor, I must cook. Being that I am new to food blogging, I also have to come up with creative and new ideas. But today, I had a toothache and a headache, so I was not in the patchke kind of mood. Yet I did create a supper that was eaten by all. Continue reading

Hamentashen- All You Need to Know


Purim, my favorite Jewish holiday. A day that you can just act silly and no one even cares, because they are acting silly with you. On Purim you forget you’re on a diet just for one day. (ok, maybe 3 days). My kids start asking me to bake hamentashen about a month before. In the past I have been making all these fancy shmancy doughs, with  peanut butters, and caramel And savory doughs also with mushrooms and onions. But I have to say, I am a traditional girl at heart. So I went back to basics and made my original recipe from many moons ago. So go ahead and enjoy my post. You will find a little history about Purim and Hamentaschen and some tips and tricks on how to get them just right. Happy Purim!!! Continue reading

Honey Cinnamon Chickpeas

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Yes, you read the title right, and let me just say, be happy that you now have this recipe. Chickpeas no longer have to be for just humus or salads. They can be a healthy sweet snack also. I am always craving sweet snacks, but most of them are just not healthy. Here you have a snack that sort of tastes like honey roasted peanuts, without the high calories. It did feel strange drizzling honey and pouring cinnamon on the chickpeas  but the results were, well, I guess you will have to taste for yourself. Continue reading

Spaghetti Squash- What’s it all About?

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I might get yelled at for saying this, but Spaghetti Squash does not taste like Spaghetti  Just like mashed cauliflower doesn’t taste like mashed potatoes. That’s just a fact. You can not put Alfredo sauce over spaghetti squash and tell me it’s fettuccine alfredo. You can’t put meatballs on top of it and tell me it’s spaghetti and meatballs. But spaghetti squash happens to be a very healthy alternative to rice and pasta. You can make it sweet, salty or spicy. It takes on the flavor of what you put in it. Kids love to scrape out the “spaghetti” strands as well. So go ahead, be creative and enjoy working with this great vegetable. Continue reading

Meatballs With a Moroccan Twist



Meatballs. There must be hundreds of ways to make them. You can make them Italian, Chinese, Spanish… These meatballs are of Moroccan decent. I love Moroccan spices. They add such flavor and color to foods. The aroma is out of this world, amazing. I served these to a visiting family from  Israel, and got rave reviews from them. Unfortunately, this picture does not do this dish justice. So you have trust me on this. Its worth making it.  Continue reading